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Pastor Gavin Bruce Ferrier mandated by GOD to BUILD HIS CHURCH is a founder member of u21Church – COOL Youth Church that opened its doors on Sunday 7th September 2014 to encourage the children in the Albert Park community and beyond to believe in JESUS CHRIST and accept the LOVE and GRACE of our LORD by caring and guiding them in the right direction of life, so that they never feel alone, and are encouraged to grow in character, and develop their gifts so that they too can make a difference in the community and beyond.

We need your support as community leaders to encourage the adults in the growth and development of the community’s children, and allow us the freedom to share the gospel, care, encourage, counsel, teach, and love the children so that they grow and develop strong character using their gifts to the best of their ability.

GOD has great plans ahead for us and we just need to embrace them moving forward.

The u21church Sunday doors open at 09h30 and morning service starts at 10h00 and after fellowship we should close at about 12h00, and in time have evening services, pray meetings, worship meetings, bible study, a leadership and mentor-ship program, and small group meetings during the week.

Children from 5 -12 and youth from 13-20 are welcome to join us in this new u21church in the heart of the City at Albert Park in Durban. Follow this page for more details.

NPO Registration Number. 151-597 Registered 8/04/2015

Donations required. Blessings my friends, u21church is an under 21 church which is different to any model of church planted before. The church needs to raise funds from business etc as we do not take in tithes or offerings from children as GOD told us to take care of HIS CHILDREN. u21church is a blessed ministry of love in which adults need to serve and provide for GOD’S children. u21church is a stand alone not attached to a adult model church. Please visit our website for more details. www.u21church.org COOL with us. Pastor Gavin


Fresh WORD from GOD on 7th October 2015 Matthew 16: 17-18 17 Jesus told him:

Simon, son of Jonah, you are blessed! You didn’t discover this on your own. It was shown to you by my Father in heaven. 18 So I will call you Peter, which means “a rock.” On this rock I will build my church, and death itself will not have any power over it.

19 I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and God in heaven will allow whatever you allow on earth. But he will not allow anything that you don’t allow.

WOW how awesome is this confirmation of GOD’s mandate upon my life. To serve GOD and build HIS CHURCH.

COOL with us.
Pastor Gavin Bruce Ferrier – u21church – COOL Youth Church
Contact +27 71 471 7111

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