PRAYER REQUEST – 2024 South Africa

Blessings Dr Ben Lim,

Thank you for sharing the opportunity for us to travel through yours eyes the HOLY LAND and place our prayer in your blessed hands to place in the “HOLY WALL” connected to GOD in Israel.

Bless you on your planned trip on African soil and your visit to KENYA to share with the people of Kenya with my CMI – Kenya leader  – Pastor Patrick and his team who have been sharing the gospel as COOL Ministries International (CMI-Kenya) and leading a blessed ministry since 2010. 

I am in South Africa and believe that GOD has connected us through Patrick for you to come to South Africa in March 2024 and share GOD’S WORD across South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. “5784 is about OPEN DOORS and BLESSINGS” and we can open doors across AFRICA from this southern tip of AFRICA.

South Africa has its national government elections in May 2024 for presidency and governance of South Africa for the next 5 years. The youth of South Africa are vital to the further of South Africa, Africa and the world, but politicians are destroying South Africa daily through corruption. GOD has blessed us with awesome people fertile land, good weather, mineral wealth, good water and we just need a stable electrical supply to grow the economy of South Africa and Africa as we have the people so workers and plenty.

In 2024 South Africans to to VOTE for our future and not corrupt politicians like in the past, so the only way forward is a GODLY intervention into hearts of ALL SOUTH AFRICANS, that will ignite the HOLY SPIRIT within all to VOTE for the VICTORY of GOD anointed leaders to take office in 2024. We have for the the opportunity for independent politicians to stand for presidency so money in the worn hands can buy the votes to be president. The current parties in the race are ANC, DA, EFF, IFP, UDM, ACDP, MF, ATM, COPE, NFP, PAC, AIC, ALJAMA, GOOD, ACTIONSA to name a few and all have problems through poor selection of MP’s.

In March 2024 with you and team walking with COOL Ministries International (Christ Our Only Lord) team across South Africa sharing the TRUTH with ALL will deliver a FRESH ignition of the HOLY SPIRIT. This will change the hearts and minds of our people to do what is RIGHT for GOD’S plans for South Africa and Africa. We will witness repentance of EVIL and INJUSTICE and  CORRUPTION and many will go to JAIL as GOD has revealed to you will happen in 5784.

I ask GOD to make your visit possible in March 2024 to share HIS WORD across this nation and when HIS PEOPLE bend their/our knees and REPENT of our SIN, GOD WILL HEAL OUR LAND.

Let us pray…..

“FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY hear our CALL for HELP and make this 7 day crusade of deliverance in MARCH 2024 take place across South Africa and FATHER bless us with all our monetary needs to make this people that YOUR SPIRIT of GLOW will SHINE upon SOUTH AFRICA and AFRICA like never before. Let our people change lives for GOOD and serve you GOD.”  I ask this in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. AMEN.

Brother Ben Lim may our FATHER guide you further and please confirm the dates when available for 7 days sharing this important message from GOD.  You may need another week to rest and soak up the GOLD GLORY that GOD will RAIN upon us.      

COOL with us.

Gavin Ferrier

Pastor Gavin Ministries – COOL Ministries International

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