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Welcome to COOL Ministries International.

COOL Ministries International (CMI) is a free network program that equips the Church, ministries, Christian small groups, and Christian leadership programs with free websites, email address and an international network leadership program.

CMI – Mission

Our mission is to develop a network of CMI disciples across the world and appoint country leaders to establish and oversee a network of CMI leaders and sites in their country as we walk by faith sharing the message of COOL “Christ Our Only Lord” with all, so that all who hear HIS name will confess that “JESUS IS LORD” (Phil 2:11) and sharing the message of TRUTH with all.

CMI – Membership

We do not have a membership fee, and membership is voluntary via our RSS Subscriber network linked to all CMI websites, which is linked with our international subscriber database. We communicate via sms, WhatsApp, email, newsletter, Facebook and X/twitter with member as they have chosen to connect.

CMI – Country Network

We partner with local leaders who have the vision and passion to share Christ Our Only Lord with all in their country.  We then appoint a country leader, who then networks with others and develops a team of at least seven members to formulate an official CMI – Country Network. (i.e. CMI – Kenya)

The purpose of the CMI – Country Network is to network with all the local churches, ministries, Christian groups and Christian programs sharing the vision and purpose of COOL Ministries International.

COOL Ministries International (CMI) ( will assist each Country Network by providing the CMI email address ( and websites from CMI – COOL Ministries International ( at no cost to all members. We will also assist once the membership is a 1000 members in a Country Network by arranging Conferences, Leadership training, and Crusades. The members will pay an attendance fee which will cover costs of such event.

CMI will also market resources, branded clothing, marketing material to all members and raise funding in that manner. Our Vision is to develop “COOL as the No1 brand of the World making JESUS no.1” and this we will do with extensive marketing of COOL via our websites and through our CMI – Country Networks. This will also assist them as they will also benefit from sales in their Country Network.

CMI – Country Network – FUNDING

The CMI – Country Network (CMI – CN) team must source their own funding (donations, blessings, tithing etc) to fund the running costs of the CMI – Country Network.

We recommend that the leader arrange with his/her team to open a bank account so that funds raised (donations, blessings, tithing, other income) are managed correctly and register as required by the laws of their country.

CMI operate on a tithing principle and 10% (Malachi 3v10) of all income must be deposited into a CMI – KINGDOM FUND account. This requires that the CMI – CN must open this KINGDOM FUND savings account, and a Operational account (ie. Cheque / Debit card type account).

The income and expenses of CMI – CN must all go through the Operational account and 10% of all income must be credited to the Kingdom Fund account. The operational account is managed by the treasury and finance team and controlled by the leader who must sign off the monthly accounts. CMI must be provided with a copy of all management accounts and endorsed by Lead of CMI-CN. The distribution of funds from the KINGDOM Fund account must by endorsed by CMI and CMI-CN leader. (i.e. Gavin B Ferrier must endorse on behalf of CMI and Patrick Masiga on behalf of CMI – Kenya). The CMI – CN is responsible to manager both accounts and must be signatory with treasurer on both accounts.

We are in the process of developing a COOL Banking system and once concluded we will have formal structures in place internationally. See COOL ONLINE ( which will give you some idea where we are heading.


COOL Ministries International is not a Church planting ministry. We are a networking, equipping and marketing ministry. CMI-Country Network however can Church plant should the need arise, or a local Church decides to become a CMI-CN partner and tithes into CMI- KINGDOM FUND then they can use the name COOL CHURCH – (name of city/town/suburb/village). This would first have to be agreed upon by the leadership of the Church, CMI-CN and endorsed by CMI for use of name. CMI will never take over any liabilities of any Church site and would only allow the use of brand name COOL being COOL CHURCH in this instance being used. 

COOL Ministries International is……..

We are a biblical principled network and will only endorse programs, training, conferences and crusades that are for the purpose of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and give glory to GOD.

Christ Our Only Lord is our focus, mission and purpose and sharing with all, so that all who hear HIS name will confess that “JESUS IS LORD” (Phil 2:11).

We share COOL with all and equip those who have the passion and desire to serve sharing our vision & purpose with all for the glory of GOD. We will equip, teach, and mentor leaders for the purpose, so they can go out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and share the vision and purpose of CMI with all encouraging membership.

We will coordinate crusades throughout the World as the various CMI – CN are established as we believe that you must have a strong foundation to build on and that is why we want at least a 1000 members or more 5000 to 10000 would be better. When we have a crusade in a country, it must impact the nation and that is possible once you have a solid foundation and God’s message for that season. We are not just passing through we are establishing a network of believers who confess that “JESUS IS LORD” and live a Holy Spirit filled life in the community.

We are in no hurry as GOD’s timing is perfect, although we are active and have started a program on 8th August 2010 to reach out to the WORLD and find leaders who share the vision and purpose and have the passion and desire to serve for the glory of God.

Be encouraged to join us and endure this mission and purpose with us with one vision in site making Christ Our Only Lord the no.1 of the WORLD for “JESUS IS LORD”.



G B Ferrier

Gavin B Ferrier – Founder / Visionary


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