Our experience of sharing the Gospel with the children of GOD’s Golden Acre over the years has truly been a blessing, as we have witnessed the growth in all the children at GOD’s Golden Acre, and also learned from the children during this time.

The WORD of GOD tells us to take care of the orphans, and children and may you be encouraged to become actively involved in your community in taking care of the orphans and children in need. There are many orphans living within our communities who daily need support and encouragement and if we all get involved by just using our gifts and resources we will make a difference in their life.

We do believe that GOD is calling us to the Albert Park community in the season to make a difference in the lives of the children of this community.

WORD of GOD: “let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.” Proverbs 1: 5

Friends let us always be open to listening, and accept guidance, and discern the truth, so that we may grow in wisdom that is pleasing to GOD.

Remember GOD needs your attention in order to develop your potential, so be attentive to GOD’s whispers of wisdom so that you reach your potential.

u21church will encourage the children in the Albert Park community to believe in JESUS CHRIST and accept the LOVE and GRACE of our LORD by caring and guiding them in the right direction of life, so that they never feel alone, and are encouraged to grow in character, and develop their gifts so that they too can make a difference in the community and beyond.

We call upon your support as community leaders to encourage the adults in the growth and development of the community’s children, and allow us the freedom to share the gospel, care, encourage, counsel, teach, and love the children so that they grow and develop a strong character using their gifts to the best of their ability.

GOD has great plans ahead for us and we just need to embrace them moving forward.

We opened our doors on Sunday 7th September 2014 at 09h30 at the blessed site at DMS Auditorium, 21 Esplanade Avenue, (off Diakonia/St Andrews) Albert Park, Durban. Our service will start at 10h00 until 11h30 and in time have evening services, prayer meetings, worship meetings, bible study, a leadership and mentorship program, and small group meetings during the week.


We are opening our doors in May 2020 to all YOUTH not limited to under 21. There are many students and young couples and families living in the City and we open our doors to all in May 2020.

We would like to be a family church of all nations serving the CITY and sharing the GOSPEL and giving HOPE all.

We will start with a 10h00 service for all and in time have a second service at 14h00 in different languages.

Currently, we are starting that GOD will send us leadership teams to grow HIS CHURCH in WORSHIP, PRAYER, TEACHING, CARING, and YOUTH DEVELOPMENT so that our CHILDREN will grow and prosper.


Pastor Gavin retired and handed over to Siya Xaba and his team to continue the vision and mission in the city for the youth of Durban and beyond.

u21church t/as CYC

NPO Registration Number. 151-597 Registered 8/04/2015

General Executive Committee

Kim J Matthews, Siyabonga Xaba,


Rob & Lizzy Corden (Retired)

Gavin & Cheryl Ferrier (Retired)



Kim Matthews (GEC – Chairperson)

Siya Xaba (GEC – Vice-Chairperson / CYC Pastor)

“May the LORD guide, protect, and provide for all our needs.” Amen

COOL with us.


u21church “Christ Our Only Lord”

NPO Registration Number. 151-597 Registered 8/04/2015

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